OVERVIEW: On-Air and Voice/Mic Processors

On-Air Broadcast and Mic/Voice Processors

Wheatstone is different. Radio stations that use our processors know that they can reach more listeners, due to our multipath mitigation controls. They know that they can build a more compelling sound - cleaner and louder - to keep that increased listenership from tuning out. In a market with so many processors to choose from, people who check out Wheatstone processing never go back to the status quo.

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On-Air Processors

AirAura X5 FM & HD Processor

This new FM and HD audio processor was built from the ground up based on several breakthroughs, including an innovative new system where all stages of processing are aware of each other. With phase-linear processing, it sets a brand new standard for clean and loud.

AirAura X1 FM & HD Processor

AirAura X1 brings our proven technology for FM and HD processing to a very friendly price point. In fact, it may be the best value in the industry when you compare its features to its price.


MP-532 Networkable Audio Multi-Processor

Wheatstone's MP-532 multi-audio processor is an affordable single-space rack unit that can handle any and all your broadcast processing applications – FM, AM, FM HD, AM HD, HD-only, or Streaming. 

NEW Audioarts LiON FM Processor

The AUDIOARTS LION Five-Band Processor/Multipath Controller has WheatNet-IP, so it can be networked. It has analog and AES3 so it can stand alone. It has Wheatstone SystemLink™ built in, to send full 24-bit linear audio directly to your transmitter over reliable high-speed links — Baseband 192 MPX with FM+HD timing locked (no codec to degrade audio quality). And it comes with 50 presets so you can plug and play.

Aura8-IP 8-Channel Networkable Processor

Rack up eight audio processors in one networkable unit. Convenient, cost-effective, and more than able enough, the Aura8IP-3 audio processing BLADE-3 has I/O onboard and eight fully independent Vorsis multiband stereo audio processors.

SG-192 Stereo Generator

The SG-192 is the first standalone FM stereo generator capable of passing full AES MPX composite baseband to the exciter, including RDS and SCA up to 67kHz, and is equipped with an intelligent stereo multipath controller which helps mitigate the effects of multipath-induced receiver blending.

MPX SyncLink Thumb

MPX SystemLink™

MPX SystemLink is an optional 1RU product for the X5 that maintains HD and FM alignment (LiveLock) from your studio to your transmitter site. It carefully keeps the HD and FM packets in sync so time alignment done with the processor at the studio is maintained straight through to the receiver.

Mic/Voice Processors

M4-IP USB – 4-Channel Networkable Mic/Voice Processor BLADE-3

Combines four high-quality microphone preamps, four channels of microphone processing, four independent USB ports, and a WheatNet-IP BLADE interface, allowing you to place four microphone inputs anywhere in your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network (although it also works just fine as a standalone processor).

M-2 – 2-Channel Mic/Voice Processor

M-2 is a dual-channel DSP-based voice processor. The M2 is able to operate in completely independent dual channel mode or, at the touch of a button, M/S mode for professional stereo recording applications.

MG-1 Mic/Voice Processor

The MG-1 is a flexible digital microphone processor that offers all the control parameters of its M-1 predecessor, but with all audio control parameters set via an associated GUI rather than front panel controls. It offers unlimited presets, security and networkability in an all-digital framework, with parameters that are easy to set up from the GUI - to give each voice talent his or her own personal sound at the press of a button.

Voice 1

NEW Audioarts Voice 1 Processor

THE AUDIOARTS VOICE 1 has all the tools and secret sauce of the Wheatstone M-1 microphone processor. But it’s got more: WheatNet-IP, AES67, remote GUI control, password protection, real time clock and presets—complete with scheduler. It can be controlled from the OLED display and, of course, your desktop computer.

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