Audioarts Engineering


Audioarts Engineering

Audioarts consoles range are probably the most recognized name in radio. There have been thousands and thousands of Audioarts consoles sold - many of which are still in operation, some over 30 years old! Audioarts Engineering is a sister brand to Wheatstone with every console being made in our New Bern, North Carolina, USA factory. For flexibility, economy, and long-lasting performance and value, Audioarts is your best choice.

DMX8 LH 3QTR HIGH 06911 v2


Audioarts DMX WheatNet-IP Networkable Digital Console

Audioarts brings full WheatNet-IP AoIP networking to its DMX console. The console’s mix engine also includes a built-in 5-port Ethernet switch. No external switch is required to create or join an existing WheatNet-IP system, making DMX one of the more affordable entry-level IP audio networked consoles on the market.

Audioarts Lightning

Audioarts introduces our new mid-sized console, Lighting. Integrated Bluetooth and USB make this standalone console a great choice for a studio that doesn't need inter-faclility networking.



Audioarts 08
Broadcasters of all stripes need great gear if they want to produce a great show. The 08 is designed to be the best-in-category mixer for small market broadcasters - whether they operate out of studios or bedrooms.

All-in-one mixer for small spaces. The AIR-1 is our most capable standalone console in a compact footprint yet.

Great all around console with that little extra for any application. The Air-4 console proves that low cost doesn’t have to be synonymous with low quality.

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